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Please note that the information on this page is out of date. For the current information, please see "Eligible Census Block Data (5/2/2012)" on the Auction 901 web page.

Attachment A Files

As noted in Public Notices DA 12-121 (pdf) (released 2/2/2012) and DA 12-187 (pdf) (released 2/10/2012), the links below will take you to data on census blocks potentially eligible for Mobility Fund Phase I support based on 2010 Census data and January 2012 American Roamer data.

All Potentially Eligible Areas (zip)

State and Territory Spreadsheets


Alabama (xls) Alaska (xls) Arizona (xls) Arkansas (xls) California (xls)
Colorado (xls) Connecticut (xls) Delaware (xls) Florida (xls) Georgia (xls)
Hawaii (xls) Idaho (xls) Illinois (xls) Indiana (xls) Iowa (xls)
Kansas (xls) Kentucky (xls) Louisiana (xls) Maine (xls) Maryland (xls)
Massachusetts (xls) Michigan (xls) Minnesota (xls) Mississippi (xls) Missouri (xls)
Montana (xls) Nebraska (xls) Nevada (xls) New Hampshire (xls) New Jersey (xls)
New Mexico (xls) New York (xls) North Carolina (xls) North Dakota (xls) Ohio (xls)
Oklahoma (xls) Oregon (xls) Pennsylvania (xls) Rhode Island (xls) South Carolina (xls)
South Dakota (xls) Tennessee (xls) Texas (xls) Utah (xls) Vermont (xls)
Virginia (xls) Washington (xls) West Virginia (xls) Wisconsin (xls) Wyoming (xls)


American Samoa (xls) Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (xls) Guam (xls) Puerto Rico (xls)



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