Mission:  The Operations and Emergency Management Division (OEM) ensures the readiness of the Federal Communications Commission to respond to threats and emergencies, conducts and coordinates incident management activities, and supports public safety and national security initiatives.

OEM's Primary Operations: 

Conduct 24/7/365 operations in support of safety-of-life, national security, communications sector situational awareness, and incident response through two operations centers:

  • FCC Operations CenterThe Operations Center provides a 24 x 7 ability to identify issues impacting public safety communications and initiate appropriate Commission action.
  • High Frequency Direction Finding Center (HFDF):  The HFDF Center resolves HF interference cases, supports law enforcement partners, performs homeland security and regulatory activities, and serves as the centralizing office for HF interference.

Maintain Commission preparedness to respond to major incidents: OEM a has dedicated staff responsible for conducting and supporting emergency response activities, including coordinating interagency activities to identify and restore critical communications infrastructure. 

Manage the Commission’s continuity programs to ensure the Commission’s ability to meet its critical responsibilities in all conditions.

Address national and homeland security risks, in coordination with interagency partners, by coordinating Commission expertise, situational awareness, and authorities.

Assess and evaluate radiofrequency spectrum in coordination with public safety and national security partners through Over-The-Air (OTA) observation and analysis by OEM’s Spectrum Monitoring and Analysis and Response Team.

Coordinate with the Department of Homeland Security on the following critical national security and emergency preparedness priority communications programs:

OEM Contact Information:

  • FCC 24/7 Operations Center


  • Justin Cain,
    Division Chief
  • Shawn Cochran,
    Deputy Chief
  • Mark Stadnicki,
    Operations Center Director
  • James Pierson,
    Associate Division Chief, Geolocation & Analysis (HFDF Center)

Regional Liaison:

Friday, August 21, 2020