Info Annual Depreciation Reserve Ratios
Info Balance Sheet
Info Basic Financial Data
Info Billable Access Lines
Info Depreciation Reserves for Holding Companies
Info Holding Company Interstate Rates of Return
Info Income Statement
Info Regulated/Nonregulated Revenues and Costs
Service Quality:
Info Average Installation Intervals in Days
Info Percent Local Installation Commitments Met
Info Out of Service Repair Intervals in Hours
Info Repeat Out-of-Service Trouble Reports as a Percentage of Initial Out-of-Service Trouble Reports
Info State Complaints per 1,000,000 Lines
Info Total Trouble Reports per Month per 100 Lines
Info Cable Sheath Investment per Kilometer
Info Cable Technology Investment and Expense (Aerial, Underground & Buried Cable)
Info Central-Office-Terminated Loop Plant - Ratio of Fiber Strands to Copper Pairs
Info Ratio of Total Switched Access Lines in Service to Loop Plant Central-Office-Terminated Fiber Strands
Info Switching Investment and Expense per Access Line Served

Formatted ARMIS Data (Paper Reports):

FCC Report 43-01, the Annual Summary Report
FCC Report 43-02, the USOA Report (2007 and prior years)  
FCC Report 43-03, the Joint Cost Report (2007 and prior years  
FCC Report 43-04, the Access Report (2007 and prior years)  
FCC Report 43-05, the Service Quality Report (2009 and prior years)  
FCC Report 43-06, the Customer Satisfaction Report (2009 and prior years)  
FCC Report 43-07, the Infrastructure Report (2007 and prior years)  
FCC Report 43-08, the Operating Data Report  
CC Report 495A, the Forecast of Investment Usage Report (2008 and prior years)  
FCC Report 495B, the Actual Usage of Investment Report (2007 and prior years)  


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