Select one of the links below to obtain useful information about data stored in the database.

Status Report of Submissions Received allows the user to identify reports, including submission number, for which data has been loaded into the system on or after a user-specified date. This feature serves as an online status report for the user.

Public Submission Numbers provides a history of report submission numbers.

Confidential Submission Numbers provides a history of confidential report submission numbers.

Resubmissions provides a list of ARMIS filings made to change data filed in the initial report, i.e., filings carrying a submission number of 2 or greater.

Filing History provides a listing by COSA of filings made for that COSA by year and by report. Note: ARMIS Report data for companies who have not filed any ARMIS data more recently than the fifth year preceding the current year are not available in the system, i.e., if the last year in which a company filed ARMIS data is 2005 or earlier, then no ARMIS data for the company is in the system.


Monday, January 12, 2015