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Vol. 28 No. 41
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March 2, 2009





Report No: IHF-00090 Released: 03/02/2009. INTERNATIONAL HIGH FREQUENCY RE: ACTIONS TAKEN. IB. Contact: Tom Polzin at (202) 418-2148, email: tpolzin@fcc.gov, TTY: (202) 418-2555  DOC-288944A1.pdf  DOC-288944A1.txt

Report No: 46932 Released: 03/02/2009. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB  DOC-288921A2.txt  DOC-288921A1.pdf

Report No: 26932 Released: 03/02/2009. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB  DOC-288920A2.txt  DOC-288920A1.pdf

Released: 03/02/2009. EX PARTE PRESENTATIONS AND POST-REPLY COMMENT PERIOD FILING IN PERMIT-BUT-DISCLOSURE PROCEEDINGS. OMD. Contact: Jason Lewis at (202) 418-0310  DOC-288938A1.pdf  DOC-288938A1.txt

Released: 03/02/2009. NOTICE OF DOMESTIC SECTION 214 AUTHORIZATION GRANTED. (DA No. 09-537). (Dkt No 09-6). WCB. Contact: Tracey Wilson-Parker at (202) 418-1394 or Dennis Johnson at (202) 418-0809  DA-09-537A1.doc  DA-09-537A1.pdf  DA-09-537A1.txt

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Released: 02/27/2009. COMMENTS INVITED ON APPLICATION OF VERIZON ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS LLC AND VERIZON LONG DISTANCE LLC TO DISCONTINUE DOMESTIC TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES. (DA No. 09-534). (Dkt No 09-24). Comments Due: 03/16/2009. WCB. Contact: Carmell Weathers at (202) 418-2325, email: Carmell.Weathers@fcc.gov or Heather Hendrickson at (202) 418-7295, email: Heather.Hendrickson@fcc.gov, TTY: (202) 418-0484  DA-09-534A1.doc  DA-09-534A1.pdf  DA-09-534A1.txt

Report No: AUC-09-79-A Released: 02/27/2009. AUCTION OF FM BROADCAST CONSTRUCTION PERMITS SCHEDULED FOR SEPTEMBER 1, 2009, COMMENT SOUGHT ON COMPETITIVE BIDDING PROCEDURES FOR AUCTION 79. (DA No. 09-422). (Dkt No 09-21) The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau and the Media Bureau announce the auction of certain FM Broadcast construction permits scheduled to commence on September 1, 2009. Comments Due: 03/20/2009. Reply Comments Due: 04/01/2009. WTB. Contact: Lisa Scanlan or Tom Nessinger at (202) 418-2700, Debbie Smith or Linda Sanderson at (717) 338-2868 or  DA-09-422A1.doc  DA-09-422A2.xls  DA-09-422A1.pdf  DA-09-422A2.pdf  DA-09-422A1.txt  DA-09-422A2.txt




VIZIO, INC VS. FUNAI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. AND FUNAI CORPORATION, INC. Granted the Motion for Extension of Time. Action by: Chief, Media Bureau. Adopted: 02/27/2009 by ORDER. (DA No. 09-536). MB  DA-09-536A1.doc  DA-09-536A1.pdf  DA-09-536A1.txt

IMPROVING PUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATIONS IN THE 800 MHZ BAND (WT DOCKET NO. 02-550. Waived the deadline by which Sprint Nextel Corporation is required to complete the transition of the broadcast auxiliary service (BAS) to frequencies above 2025 MHz for 45 days. (Dkt No. 95-18, 00-258 , 02-55). Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 02/27/2009 by ORDER. (FCC No. 09-13). OET  FCC-09-13A1.doc  FCC-09-13A1.pdf  FCC-09-13A1.txt

OFFICE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY DECLARES SPRINT NEXTEL, INC. REQUEST FOR A WAIVER OF THE 2.0 GHZ BAS RELOCATION DEADLINE TO BE A "PERMIT-BUT DISCLOSE" PROCEEDING FOR EXPARTE PURPOSES, ET DOCKET NO. 02-55; WT DOCKET NO. 00-258; ET DOCKET NO. 95-18.. Waived relocation of the Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) for 45 days, until April 19, 2009, and seeks comment on the "Supplemental Request". (Dkt No. 95-18, 00-258 , 02-55). Action by: Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology. Adopted: 02/27/2009 by ORDER. (DA No. 09-468). OET  DA-09-468A1.doc  DA-09-468A1.pdf  DA-09-468A1.txt

REVIEW OF THE EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM NTELOS PETITION FOR LIMITED WAIVER. Granted NTELOS MEDIA Inc. a limited waiver of the Second Report and Order's wireline video provider compliance requirement in order to implement software upgrades to implement EAS functionality. (Dkt No. 04-296). Action by: Acting Chief, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. Adopted: 02/27/2009 by ORDER. (DA No. 09-535). PSHSB  DA-09-535A1.doc  DA-09-535A1.pdf  DA-09-535A1.txt

VITELCO PETITION FOR WAIVER. Directed the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) to continue to hold in abeyance until May 31, 2009, any adjustments in universal service fund high-cost loop support for the Virgin Islands Telephone Corporation (Vitelco). Action by: Deputy Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau by LETTER. (DA No. 09-532). WCB  DA-09-532A1.doc  DA-09-532A1.pdf  DA-09-532A1.txt

PETITION OF THE VERIZON TELEPHONE COMPANIES FOR FORBEARANCE PURSUANT TO SECTION 47 U.S.C. SECTION 160(C) IN COX'S SERVICE TERRITORY IN THE VIRGINIA BEACH METROPOLITAN STATISTICAL AREA. Extended by 90 days the date by which the petition requesting forbearance, filed by the Verizon Telephone Companies, shall be deemed granted. (Dkt No. 08-49). Action by: Deputy Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau. Adopted: 02/27/2009 by ORDER. (DA No. 09-533). WCB  DA-09-533A1.doc  DA-09-533A1.pdf  DA-09-533A1.txt