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Vol. 26 No. 3
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January 5, 2007





Report No: SAT-00410 Released: 01/05/2007. POLICY BRANCH INFORMATION. (DA No. 07-19) Actions Taken. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0719, TTY: (202) 418-2555  DA-07-19A1.pdf  DA-07-19A1.txt

Report No: TEL-01104S Released: 01/05/2007. STREAMLINED INTERNATIONAL APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR FILING. IB  DOC-269337A1.pdf  DOC-269337A1.txt

Report No: TEL-01103NS Released: 01/05/2007. NON STREAMLINED INTERNATIONAL APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR FILING. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0270  DOC-269335A1.pdf  DOC-269335A1.txt

Report No: SCL-00016NS Released: 01/05/2007. NON-STREAMLINED SUBMARINE CABLE LANDING LICENSE APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FOR FILING. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0270  DOC-269352A1.pdf  DOC-269352A1.txt

Report No: SAT-00411 Released: 01/05/2007. POLICY BRANCH INFORMATION Satellite Space Applications Accepted For Filing. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0719, TTY: (202) 418-2555  DOC-269336A1.pdf  DOC-269336A1.txt

Report No: 46396 Released: 01/05/2007. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB  DOC-269321A2.txt  DOC-269321A1.pdf

Report No: 26396 Released: 01/05/2007. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB  DOC-269320A2.txt  DOC-269320A1.pdf

Released: 01/05/2007. EX PARTE PRESENTATIONS AND POST-REPLY COMMENT PERIOD FILING IN PERMIT-BUT-DISCLOSURE PROCEEDINGS. OMD. Contact: Jason Brown at (202) 418-0310  DOC-269330A1.pdf  DOC-269330A1.txt

Released: 01/05/2007. DOMESTIC SECTION 214 APPLICATION FOR THE TRANSFER OF CONTROL OF CURTIS TELEPHONE COMPANY AND TOTAL COMMUNICATIONS INC. TO CONSOLIDATED COMPANIES, INC. (DA No. 07-21). (Dkt No 06-230). Comments Due: 01/19/2007. Reply Comments Due: 01/26/2007. WCB. Contact: Cecilia Seppings at (202) 418-1588 or Dennis Johnson at (202) 418-0809  DA-07-21A1.doc  DA-07-21A1.pdf  DA-07-21A1.txt




RULES AND REGULATIONS IMPLEMENTING THE TELEPHONE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT OF 1991/JUNK FAX PREVENTION ACT OF 2005. Annual Report on Unsolicited Facsimile Advertisements. (Dkt No. 02-278 , 05-338). Action by: Chief, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 01/04/2007 by REPORT. (DA No. 07-16). EB  DA-07-16A1.doc  DA-07-16A1.pdf  DA-07-16A1.txt

JERRY RUSSELL DBA THE RUSSELL COMPANY. Issued a monetary forfeiture in the amount of $8,000 to Jerry Russell dba The Russell Company, licensee of AM Broadcast Radio station KWRD, in Henderson, Texas for failure to ensure the operational readiness of station KWRD's Emergency Alert System. Action by: Regional Director, South Central Region, Enforcement Bureau. Adopted: 01/03/2007 by Forfeiture Order. (DA No. 07-4). EB  DA-07-4A1.doc  DA-07-4A1.pdf  DA-07-4A1.txt

SASKATCHEWAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Authorized Saskatchewan Telecommunications authority to provide facilities-based and resale services between the U.S. and all permissible international points. Classified Saskatchewan as a non-dominant carrier on all U.S.-international routes. Action by: Acting Chief, International Bureau. Adopted: 01/04/2007 by Order, Authorization & Ce. (DA No. 07-17). IB  DA-07-17A1.doc  DA-07-17A1.pdf  DA-07-17A1.txt

TIME WARNER CABLE INC. Granted Time Warner Cable Inc. a further extension of time to comply with the requirements of the Commission's cable/SMATV cross-ownership rule at section 76.501. (Dkt No. 05-192). Action by: Chief, Media Bureau. Adopted: 01/04/2007 by ORDER. (DA No. 07-15). MB  DA-07-15A1.doc  DA-07-15A1.pdf  DA-07-15A1.txt

ERRATUM - IMPLEMENTING A NATIONWIDE, BROADBAND, INTEROPERABLE PUBLIC SAFETY NETWORK IN 700 MHZ BAND ET AL. Issued an Erratum correcting Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, FCC 06-181, released December 20, 2006. (Dkt No. 96-86 , 06-229). Action by: Deputy Chief, Policy Division, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau by ERRATUM. PSHSB  DOC-269348A1.doc  DOC-269348A1.pdf  DOC-269348A1.txt





Released: 01/04/2007. THE WIRELINE COMPETITION BUREAU SEEKS COMMENT ON A PETITION BY AMERICAN CELLULAR CORPORATION TO REDEFINE THE SERVICE AREAS OF CERTAIN RURAL TELEPHONE COMPANIES IN THE STATE OF MINNESOTA. (DA No. 07-18). (Dkt No 96-45). Comments Due: 01/18/2007. Reply Comments Due: 01/25/2007. WCB. Contact: Vickie Robinson at (202) 418-7400, TTY: (202) 418-0484  DA-07-18A1.doc  DA-07-18A1.pdf  DA-07-18A1.txt

Report No: AUC-07-69-C Released: 01/04/2007. AUCTION OF 1.4 GHZ BAND LICENSES, STATUS OF SHORT-FORM APPLICATIONS TO PARTICIPATE IN AUCTION NO. 69. (DA No. 07-2) (Auction No. 69). WTB. Contact: Gail Glasser at (202) 418-0578, Howard Davenport at (202) 418-0660, Roy Knowles or Barbara Sibert at (717) 338-2868, Erin McGrath, Michael Connelly or Keith Harper at (202) 418-0620  DA-07-2A1.doc  DA-07-2A1.pdf  DA-07-2A2.pdf  DA-07-2A3.pdf  DA-07-2A1.txt  DA-07-2A2.txt  DA-07-2A3.txt