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Vol. 21 No. 117
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June 18, 2002





FCC AND AT&T WIRELESS ENTER INTO $100,000 CONSENT DECREE REGARDING E911 RULES. The FCC has adopted an Order approving a Consent Decree terminating an investigation into possible violations of the E911 Phase II rules by AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. News Release. News Media Contact: John Winston at (202) 418-7450 EB. Contact Kathy Berthot at (202) 418-7454  DOC-223499A1.doc  DOC-223499A1.pdf  DOC-223499A1.txt




Report No: SAT-00113 Released: 06/18/2002. POLICY BRANCH INFORMATION Satellite Space Applications Accepted for Filing. IB. Contact: (202) 418-0719, TTY: (202) 418-2555  DOC-223491A1.pdf  DOC-223491A1.txt

Report No: SPB-179 Released: 06/18/2002. INTERNATIONAL BUREAU SATELLITE DIVISION INFORMATION: FIRST ROUND KA-BAND LICENSEE COMPLIANCE WITH CONSTRUCTION IMPLEMENTATION MILESTONE. (DA No. 02-1432). IB. Contact: Jennifer Gilsenan at (202) 418-0757 or Fern Jarmulnek at (202) 418-0751  DA-02-1432A1.doc  DA-02-1432A1.pdf  DA-02-1432A1.txt

Report No: 45258 Released: 06/18/2002. BROADCAST ACTIONS. MB  DOC-223469A1.txt

Report No: 25258 Released: 06/18/2002. BROADCAST APPLICATIONS. MB  DOC-223490A1.txt

Released: 06/18/2002. WTB ACTION REGION 26 (NEBRASKA) 700 MHZ REGIONAL PLANNING COMMITTEE ANNOUNCES FIRST MEETING. (DA No. 02-1423). WTB  DA-02-1423A1.doc  DA-02-1423A1.pdf  DA-02-1423A1.txt




AT&T WIRELESS SERVICES, INC.. Adopted a Consent Decree with AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. terminating an investigation into possible violations of the E911 Phase II rules with respect to its TDMA network. Action by: the Commission. Adopted: 06/12/2002 by ORDER. (FCC No. 02-174). EB  FCC-02-174A1.doc  FCC-02-174A1.pdf  FCC-02-174A1.txt

ASTROLINK INTERNATIONAL LLC. Granted Astrolink a waiver of its Ka-band construction commencement milestone. Action by: Chief, Satellite Division. Adopted: 06/17/2002 by MO&O. (DA No. 02-1431). IB  DA-02-1431A1.doc  DA-02-1431A1.pdf  DA-02-1431A1.txt

TELEDESIC LLC. Found that Teledesic, LLC had satisfied the beginning construction milestone set forth in its authorization to operate satellites in the non-geostationary satellite orbit in the Ka-band. Denied @contact's objection. Action by: Chief, Satellite Division. Adopted: 06/17/2002 by MO&O. (DA No. 02-1430). IB  DA-02-1430A1.doc  DA-02-1430A1.pdf  DA-02-1430A1.txt

RAMAR TECHNOLOGY LTD., LOW POWER DEVICE. Adopted a Consent Decree, and terminated OET's investigation into Ramar's alleged violations of the Commission's rules. Action by: Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology. Adopted: 06/17/2002 by ORDER. (DA No. 02-1433). OET  DA-02-1433A1.doc  DA-02-1433A1.pdf  DA-02-1433A1.txt

MBO WIRELESS, INC.. Granted a request by MBO Wireless, Inc. for extension of Special Temporary Authority. Action by: Commercial Wireless Division, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau. Adopted: 06/17/2002 by ORDER. (DA No. 02-1428). WTB  DA-02-1428A1.doc  DA-02-1428A1.pdf  DA-02-1428A1.txt