• Full Title: Multiple Ownership of Non-commercial Educational Radio and Television Stations; Freeze on All Applications by Government Owned and Controlled Groups for NCE Channels; and Freeze on Applications by Religious and Sectarian Schools, Colleges, Institutions
  • Document Type(s): Memorandum Opinion and Order
  • Bureau(s): Media

RM-2493. 54 FCC 2d 941. Petition for rulemaking was DENIED. FCC did not adopt rules precluding religious groups' ownership of radio and television broadcast stations; also did not impose ownership limits on NCE licensees.

  • DA/FCC #: FCC-75-946
  • Docket/RM: RM-2493


  • Memorandum Opinion and Order: Pdf

Document Dates

  • Released On: Aug 13, 1975
  • Adopted On: Aug 1, 1975
  • Issued On: Aug 13, 1975