The Office of Communications Business Opportunities promotes competition and innovation in telecommunications ownership and information services. The office also supports opportunities for small, women-owned, and minority-owned communications businesses.


Joy Melody Ragsdale
Joy Melody Ragsdale


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Communications Business Opportunities Headlines


Microsoft IOC Detection Tool for Exchange Server Vulnerabilities.
Microsoft has released the EOMT.ps1 tool that can automate portions of both the detection and patching process and help your organization check for indicators of compromise (IOCs).

Microsoft Releases Alternative Mitigations for Exchange Server Vulnerabilities
CISA is tracking a serious issue with Microsoft Exchange and cannot emphasis enough that exploitation is widespread and indiscriminate and CISA is advising all system owners to follow the guidance provided in the directive.

FBI Threat and Intimidation Response Guide: English | Spanish

OCBO Video Series: "Did You Know?"
A series of 9 short videos designed to educate the public on topics pertaining to small, minority, and women-owned businesses and the various functions of the FCC Office of Communications Business Opportunities.

U.S. SBA Resources and Business Partners
SBA works with a number of local partners to counsel, mentor, and train small businesses. The SCORE Association, supported by SBA, is a nonprofit association of thousands of volunteer business counselors throughout the U.S. and its territories. SCORE members are trained to serve as counselors.

The Health and Human Services Small Business Calendar of Events
The Health and Human Services are sponsoring vendor outreach sessions and other business-related events from across the government.