Auction Seminar

This seminar was held on May 25, 2004. 

Presentation Slides


Pre-Auction Process


Barbara Sibert, Auctions Marketing Specialist, Auctions & Spectrum Access Division
pdf - ppt
Telephonic Bid Entry Script: pdf

Overview of 24 GHz Service Rules and Due Diligence


Nancy Zaczek, Attorney, Broadband Division


Michael Pollak, Engineer, Broadband Division


Interim sharing arrangement between the FCC and Industry Canada: pdf


Beth Fishel, Industry Analyst, Broadband Division

Overview of Tribal Land Bidding Credit


Michael Connelly, Attorney Advisor, Mobility Division

Overview of Auction Rules and Electronic Filing of Form 175


Howard Davenport, Attorney, Auctions & Spectrum Access Division


Yiping Osser, Project Manager
Form 175 Screen Shots: pdf

Wire Transfer & Payment Process


Tim Dates, Accountant, Auctions Accounting Group

Overview of Auction Process & FCC Automated Auction System


Roy Knowles, Wireless Telecommunications Analyst, Auctions & Spectrum Access Division
pdf - ppt
Auctions Bidding System Screen Shots: pdf - Word